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Tree Surgery

SPM Tree Surgery and Landscaping provide a friendly, professional service specialising in all aspects of tree care including TPO (Tree Preservation Order) trees, trees & hedges in conservation areas & large scale felling or re-planting. Our experience spans from small residential properties to large scale commercial projects, with all work being completed with the utmost care for the environment and complying to health and safety standards.

Tree Care – Health and Safety

Health & Safety is something that all of the team have substantial training for the protection of themselves, each other & the immediate environment. All of our tree surgery work is carried out to BS3998 2010 standards.  Upon completion of all works the work site is left clean & tidy with all waste removed & recycled ensuring no waste is taken to landfill.

Crown Reduction

A crown reduction is when we reduce the size of the tree crown to provide light into overshadowed gardens, to reduce the height of the tree, to clear power/telephone lines or to reduce the effects of wind upon the tree structure to help mitigate any tree structure failure. All crown reductions are carried out to promote regrowth into a correctly formed tree wherever possible.

Crown Thinning

A crown thin is when you clear out weak, crossing or overbearing branches to reduce the effects of wind on the structure of the tree without reducing the height.

Crown Lift

A crown lift is when we removed the bottom branches of a tree to provide walkway, maintenance or vehicle access.

Target Pruning / Deadwooding

This is where we select dead or diseased branches for removal, also we can prune back certain branches to clear an obstacle

Section Dismantle / Rigging operations

This is where a tree cannot be felled due to ground impact damage or buildings, obstacles in the way. There are many rigging techniques we can implement to ensure the safe dismantling of a tree where required.


We can also fell single trees and large areas for clearance building works, we can assist in the application for felling licences if large numbers of trees are to be felled.

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